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Tripping with the Princes



We are excited about the possibility of celebrating with you.


RSVP June 3rd at 5pm ET to go Tripping With the Princes.
If you are just as excited as we are please hit the respond button in the upper right corner or return to the home page, and complete the RSVP form at the bottom. No late responses will be accepted.


Get Ready to Stun

The wedding dress code will be,
Evening Cocktail attire

What's That?

That just means the dress code is formal, but not as formal as a black tie dress code which calls for evening gowns and tuxes.

Evening Cocktail attire, is more formal than your traditional cocktail attire dress code. Think, elevated cocktail attire for our wedding celebration. So we are asking that guests abandon patterns and prints, and opt for a more subtle elegant look using solid colors to help us bring the sexy and mystic to the occasion. We want the time and celebration to reflect love, abundance, passion and romance.

So ,when deciding what to wear think deep, rich colors like, royal blue, mustard, ruby red, copper, black, fuchsia, chartreuse, violet, emerald, and more. There are lots of colors to choose from.

We have provided some examples to the right, but please do not feel limited.

satins and velvet are great materials to wear to elevate your look. Also feel free to color block your look. All textures, embellishments, and beading welcomed


mustard man.jpg
pink woman 2.jpg
orange man.jpg
yellow 2.jpg
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